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Geitaknottane Nature Reserve

In December 1997 was 383 acres of our farm, (No. 159 / 2), made into a nature reserve.

Geitaknottane Nature Reserve is Norway's richest known site for Red List species Large Salamander. (Triturus Cristautus.) Probably it is one of the world's richest area of the species.
Large salamander - a crocodile from the beginning of time.

Geitaknottane Nature Reserve is unique in its kind.
It is a road in the forest the whole way to the reserve boundary.
The reserve is located 100 - 300 meters above sea level.
The area has more than 200 small ponds.
No later than the 40 - 50 years ago, the area was used for collecting timber etc.

Large salamander is an amphibian that lives both in water and on land, but one do not know much about the overwintering sites.
Large Salamander is very vulnerable regarding the occurrence of fish and water quality.
This area has good water quality with calk in the bedrock and good buffer properties. There are many small ponds that are naturally occurring free from fish.
400 million years have passed amphibians on the planet, but now many of these are threatened species.
Amphibians are generally highly vulnerable to changes in environmental parameters, but here is still a good environment for the Large Salamander.
We encourage our guests to show respect and care for the environment.

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