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About the farm:
Vikaparken is situated on a former small farm.
Femsteinevik farm is first mentioned in documents from 1585.
The farm then was located under the neighboring farm Grønevik.
Grønevik farm dates back to medieval times. (Year 1030 to 1536)
In 1651 the farm got into Axel Mowatt`s property.
The farm is belonging to The Rosendal Baroni for hundreds of years.
The farm, no.159 / 2, was bought back from The Rosendal Baroni in 1931 for Nok 6.450.
The farm is about 700 acres, of this area is about 35 acres at the fjord for recreational activities, and 383 acres have become a part of Geitaknottane Nature Reserve.
About the surrounding area:
Calcium Rich rocks are characteristic of the very rich natural habitat. The area has a varied geology and with some older mines, also for the extraction of gold.
It is well-marked hiking trails, more protected habitats, rock carvings, etc.
Within a short distance we have a very varied scenery, from glaciers to lush mountains steep and naked rocks and reefs.
The area is largely untouched in the historical track, where you can read our story from the Ice Age to the present.
We are experiencing a growing awareness of these values in the area, and the establishment of Folgefonna Nasjonalpark - glacier national park and several nature reserves are evidence of this.

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