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Vikaparken area have large green areas and the shoreline to the Hardangerfjord, and makes many activities possible.

We have upgraded our marina and the boats. How about a private cruise on the Hardangerfjord in one of our comfortable and safe 16 foot boats?

Vikaløå, an old construction, includes billiard and table tennis.
This building also has a sauna and toilet, outside jacuzzi, and can also be used for gatherings of up to 50 people.

There are good possibilities for walks on hiking pahts with good labeling for hiking in the area.
Several forest roads leading into an attractive recreation area.

Geitaknottane Nature Reserve (for Red List species Large Salamander), is located close to us.
In addition, we have beautiful views of (Folgefonna) glacier national park, which is only a short ferry cruise away.
Nearby Summer-skisenter, Rosendal Baroni and baroni-garden, beaches, distinctive landscapes and a marina makes Vikaparken a great base for activities in the area.

Vikaparken is centrally located - situated in a beautiful landscape, and is an excellent starting point for driving the car or making walks in a beautiful Hardanger, beyond Sunnhordland, or the Bjørnefjorden area.

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